I am planning on working out during the summer, so I wanted to create an app that was related to physical activity and exercising.

What it does

It helps people stay motivated to workout over a period of time by letting them share progress, make goals, start competitions with other users and by personalizing their workouts and experience.

How we built it

I used html to create a prototype website meant to explain a bit about the app, and give the link to the app. I made a prototype of the app in python which lets you create an account and set your goals, and it explains everything in more detail.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting your goals to your account would have taken a long time, so in the prototype none of your progress on the app is saved. The app also does not automatically give you progress while you are signed into your account.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I was able to add a centered image into my html website, which I am a beginner with, and I was able to let people create accounts, and then sign into them on different devices.

What we learned

I learned some more html and css; specifically how to center images and change the background color.

What's next for Workout Wiz

In the future, Workout Wiz will let you add more goals, and help you keep track of your food and water intake. People need to have a variety of foods and lots of water to stay healthy, and in the future, Workout Wiz will help you select healthy foods and remind you to drink periodically throughout the day.

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