As varsity sport competitors and gym members, the idea of virtually connecting with and meeting workout partners to build body physique and hone sports skills particularly stood out to us when we were brainstorming project ideas.

What it does

As explained in our elevator pitch, Workout Buddies is essentially a web-based social media platform tailored to connect people looking for workout partners. It presents the users with a variety of workout opportunities posted by other users and also the ability to connect with workout buddies.

How we built it

The explanation on how we built this webapp is a quite a lengthy explanation, but summarize, we essentially utilized css frameworks such as materialize.css and our own css stylesheets to style the webapp, (multiple) html files to define the layout, javascript for functionality of buttons, textboxes, and dropdown menus, and firebase to deploy our webapp.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were communication problems as one of our members was in the IST time zone while two were in the EST time zone, deploying the actual web app itself using firebase SDKs, properly styling the webpage, and confirming the functionality of all the buttons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments that we are particularly proud of are the styling and overall layout of the site as well as the complete interactive functionality of the web app.

What we learned

Along the way we learned how to more usefully utilize AI as a resource for aiding the development process, how to communicate with the google maps API, logo design, team communication and collaboration skills, and how to style more effectively using CSS.

What's next for Workout Buddies

We potentially could see workout buddies being upgraded to a more full-fledged social media platform where the application itself gives suggestions on workout buddies and workout opportunities based on location and aligned interests. We could also potentially include a more diverse range of workout activities for the workout categories and an ever more sophisticated and visually appealing UI.

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