The digital age has greatly reduced our opportunity to connect with people in person. However, companies that are committed to creating an inclusive workplace experience create a more positive and collaborative environment. Thus, in order to support and foster inclusion in the workplace, we have created Workmate in hopes of creating more meaningful connections in the workplace, allowing employees from diverse backgrounds to meet.

What it does

  • Create diverse profiles
  • Match employees with each other
  • Suggest tasks
  • Foster connection

How I built it

  • Wire Framing Through Figma
  • Web Development Using React and Node.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Flippy
  • Tachyons

Challenges I ran into

  • Github merge conflicts

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We collaborated and understood one other so well to use the strengths and weaknesses of the team
  • Learned basics of React.js
  • Familiarized with the process of Discovery, Design and Realization.

What We learned

  1. Collaboration with Github
  2. Prototyping with Figma
  3. Application design
  4. React Js
  5. Various node packages
  6. To leverage our strengths and weaknesses as a team

What's next for Workmate

For now, our application is not fully implemented. We hope to have a full functioning web application through adding Users and User Authentication with FireBase, creating a features based matching algorithm and more.

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