In school Group project is common. Students intent to divide the tasks and assign it to the team members. Sometimes it's frustrating to always ask students for their progress. That's why I decided to build a web application that allows students/ other collaborators to share their progress with each other and assign a task to one another. User can use the website to manage their own projects or group projects.

What it does

  1. Allows a team admin create a task and assign it to members (not fully developed during this hackathon)
  2. Individual User can add their own task, mark it's status, deadline day, and others
  3. Individual can be in a multiple groups ## How we built it

Challenges I ran into

Technically speaking, I had challenges querying the database, and coding for frontend. Frontend development is not my strong skill, but I have managed to write a code anyway. However the main challenge was working solo, I did not have a team to brainstorm together. This led me to many errors and correction.

What's next for worklistCollab

After this hackathon, I'll continue working on this project. There are many unique features I am thinking to add to this project.

If you have any question, or would like to collaborate contact me at Ibsa Abraham Discord

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