tl;dr - The challenges workplaces face in employee health and retention, which, by extension, influences productivity.

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of employees struggle to maintain a healthy work life balance. This has adverse effects on their lifestyle; while software engineers are usually pointed towards due to their long hours, this problem extends even as far as the financial industry. We envisioned a software that solves these mental and physical issues by promoting greater well-being in a unique mix of life and work.

What it does

Worklife can be summarized into three core features:

  • tracking employee well-being via inference and use of strategically targeted questions and non-intrusive notifications
  • provides analytics on data tracked for the employee, and anonymized statistics for the employer, powered via artificial intelligence inference
  • boosts workplace productivity by improving employee well-being and work/life balance, which has been scientifically proven to improve employee productivity

How we built it

  • Node + express server, MERNN stack on AWS
  • IBM Watson for Prior training and Preclassification + Baseline Inference
  • Python for data preparation, cleaning
  • React Native

Challenges we ran into

  • Wireless Connection through firewalls
  • Putting multiple ideas through into a product
  • Connecting through different Cloud Platforms

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • What we built (web, desktop app, mobile app -- the triforce!)

What we learned

  • AI integrations with cloud

What's next for Worklife

Launch into the workplace!

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