OK Boomers! Bomb your way to treasure and fame. Appear on stream using Channel Points and join the mayhem in an instant. Boomers is a Twitch Chat rat race with bombs, cannons, and a sky full of fire.

Inspiration ✨

Inspired by the classic games Lemmings and Worms, both great hits in boomer times, we thought it would be a great idea if viewers wander around, fight it out, or cooperatively work together to reach the finish.

What it does 💥

Boomers allows viewers and streamers to spawn a character with their name, drop bombs, shoot cannons, build walls, wander around, be a nuisance, all based on your ability to perfectly time your channel points redemptions. When a viewer successfully outsmarts all other players, the viewer will snatch the golden coin and win the game. The games length varies on on the cooperation or violence exhibited by the participants.

Everyone can track their actions in the kill feed and there is a special recognition for the player that 'accidentally' killed the most of their fellow viewers.

Installation ⚡

Setup in seconds. Install the extension, authenticate and add the provided browser source in your broadcasting setup and you got yourself a game! Check the new Channel Points, adjust the point values if you like, and start streaming!

How we built it 🛠️

We used EaselJS, a well documented library for working with a Canvas. Our server was built using Elixir because of how well Elixir plays with websockets. We created a small public library for the Twitch API, this library is free for others to use. The Twitch panel extension made in React.

Challenges we ran into ☠️

We had no experience with game development, and we have no artistic talent. Using free artwork and building performant movement systems were new, and therefor time-consuming. However, we were happy to learn and improve our knowledge of javascript game making!

Accomplishments that we're proud of 💅

Creating an interactive game that is playable using only channel points, by thousands of people, that can be a solution to provide original content in the 'in-between' moments of a stream. Our proudest moments come from the users, hearing the streamers laugh, and the chat spam POG as one little chicken made it through a hellstorm of fire to claim his golden coin. It's enough to bring tears to our boomer eyes.

What we learned 🤓

Creating games takes up a lot of time. Both the development and testing process is full of surprises.

Channel Points are a great addition to the Twitch platform and provides an opportunity to make some super neat projects, and we are just seeing the beginning.

What's next for Boomers 🚀

Boomers will be released in April for free! With multiple levels, new mechanics, powerups, and characters. CVS-Gaming would love to do some collaboration with some proper game developers for Boomers 2: Boomergeddon.

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