we wanted to find a solution to make it easier for students to be able to study for classes as well as finals without having to deal with awkward conversations and continuous flakes.

What it does*************************************

DropStudy website will take inputs of your classes and other basic info. With this gathered information and utilizing Notivize user notification platform DropStudy will alert other students also studying for the same class that you currently are so that you are able to meet with them in a predetermined location, all in real-time.

How we built it***********************************

We started our base project using the glitch coding platform because it allows multiple users to contribute code simultaneously. We used mostly CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Once we had a foundation going we creating our own logos using photoshop to keep our website clean and unique. We then used the Notivise platform to be able to execute our key idea of real-time user notification. We decided to host our website on GitHub pages because it was the easiest way to launch our website using glitch and we also decided to use a free .me domain.

Challenges we ran into**************************

We had a difficult time getting Notivize to work properly. Even though Notivize is very simple to use, there was a learning curve to get notifications to push.

Accomplishments that we're proud of************

We are most proud of our website UX. We went above and beyond to make it look really clean and professional. Also, we are proud that we were able to implement Notivise into our website and that we were able to achieve real-time alerts by leveraging the platform.

What we have learned*****************************

We learned once again some cool things that we can do with HTML, CSS, and especially JavaScript. We learned how to manipulate a mass notification application, to be used for something more dynamic. We also learned to give feedback to each other so that our product can be the best that it can be.

What's next for DropStudy************************

We would love to implement this on a mobile platform so that it would be more convenient for daily users. Also, we would improve on the notification aspect of our idea so that user alerts can provide more useful information while still retaining its real-time capabilities.

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