Due to the COVID-19 crisis that affected the world as never seen before and combining the facility of voice command with the challenge of keep tracking of your worked hours, especially nowadays during the health crisis, the Alexa Skill Working Hours came into play to facilitate how you keep track of how many hours you have worked.

What it does

With a simple command voice, you can let Alexa start to track your working hours and as soon as you get everything done. you simply ask Alexa to close your hours and generate a report of your worked hours history.

How I built it

I used Serverless, Python and MySQL to build that skill

Challenges I ran into

Understand the "new" way of doing things with Alexa Conversations and pass-through the bugs and limitations of its beta version plus, keep it cleaner with constants updates of the ASK SDK .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Make easier to have a report of how many hours I have worked and all of that being hands-free.

What I learned

That "beta" version really means "beta"! :) I had few issues (even once my whole skill data was removed, but got fixed after I contacted the Support/Forum) and still some functionalities of Alexa Conversation does not work as described.

What's next for Working Hours

Send the hours report to the customer email

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