Story -Workfrom is a platform to discover coffee shops, bars and other shared spaces to get work done when on the go or variety needed. A projected 40% of the global workforce is mobile and works outside of a traditional office and away from home. Globally, we’re expecting this number to continue to rise, especially as technology continues to empower and support mobile lifestyles and work styles. This unaffiliated community of businesses and public spaces share customers and patrons. What if this community could team up with ease to encourage local spending and patrons were rewarded in a ramified format at the same time? Local economies could flourish at a time when local economies are struggling to find economic benefit in transient populations.

-Workfrom Rewards enables the mobile worker to earn rewards by making the purchases at the places they work from around the world. It’s a punch card they can use at any participating location. Workfrom Rewards is the platform that empowers shop owners to effortlessly promote their spaces, incentivize purchases and increase their average revenue per customer. Workfrom Rewards is for the consumer and the business owner, creates a meaningful connection between the two — in addition to letting patrons track where they’ve worked from, their rewards status and earn badges and bragging rights along the way.

Value Props

-The Mobile Worker (End Consumer): Earn relevant rewards for the purchases and work activities you already do.

-Location Owners and Managers: Incentivize customers to work from and make purchases at your location (because they’ll get rewarded) -Enter a network of coffee shops, bars and other mobile-worker-friendly sharing customers -Join a community of other owners and managers facing similar challenges and successes -Free rewards infrastructure -Positive ROI on little to no investment -Down the road offer rewards to drive business to targeted customers


-The MVP is a mobile app that is powered by a responsive site that acts like a native app. The app can only be accessed on Apple and Android devices. The end consumer shows the app to the cashier at purchase and the cashier verifies a purchase by entering a code. The consumer progresses towards rewards by purchasing at all participating locations.

-The functions of the app include: - Consumer broadcasts their activity when working from a location - Consumer “checks in” at a location, to save it in their working history - Cashier verifies a purchase (on the Consumer’s phone) - Consumer views progress towards reward - Consumer is served reward - Consumer is sent to Workfrom website to manage profile

Business Model

-Workfrom Rewards combines the Workfrom network of shops with the rewards platform Kiip. Users are acquired through the existing Workfrom user and member base to start. Locations that are already in the Workfrom network are alerted of the program and the code they should enter at point of purchase.

-Revenue is generated to begin when users are served rewards. The rewards are deals or promotions that brands pay to serve to targeted users. On the Kiip platform there are stock rewards where revenue is a 50/50 split (Kiip and Workfrom). Workfrom can also coordinate custom rewards and keep 100% of revenue. Once a solid ROI case is built, coffee shops can be charged a monthly fee to be a part of the rewards network.

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