Naijahacks Hackathon 2019

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Ahmed Seun Bello,


Africans working abroad find it difficult to get trusted people in africa to help them set up/manage their business in africa which could create employment/jobs while they are away, This has forced most of them to stay back abroad because they have nothing to fall back to in africa after retirement.

Africans abroad often have problems getting trusted people to help them buy lands and build houses in africa as most of them have been duped in the past of their hard earned money.

Internet fraudsters who have duped international companies have made it hard for Africans to transact with international companies who need raw materials from africa for production which has forced most producers of the raw material to shut down businesses.


A platform that get qualified and trusted employees and then link Africans abroad to help them build and scale their businesses even while they are away thereby creating more jobs, so that they can come back home after their stay abroad and expand the businesses.

We also will help Africans abroad buy verified/approved lands and employ people to help them build their structures thereby creating employment for more people in the construction industry.

A platform that connects with international companies to recruits, train and empower youths to farm raw materials they need which will be bought back from them for exportation thereby creating jobs for the youths involved and increasing the capacity of producers.

Proposed stacks




Creates more frims/ companies to employ the youths

Create a wider market for those involved in production to market their products outside Africa

Create and empower more farmers to satisfy international market demand for agricultural raw materials

Increase the interest of Africans in diaspora to invest in businesses in Africa thereby creating more jobs.

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