Inspiration: One less click

When there's a chance to save a click I'll do it. That's why I LOVE Monday automations. Unfortunately there're lots of tasks that still can't be automated without coding a new app which takes a lot of precious time that's hard to justify. Workflows is a means for overcoming the shortcomings of Monday automations. You don’t necessarily need the most powerful features of Workflows for it to be useful. Whether it’s a task that’s so specific that it only applies to one person, or a task that bridges a bunch of different boards and services that just aren’t focused on working together, Workflows can do the work so that you don’t have to. A simple couple actions workflow can automate the last remaining frustration and save that precious mind space. For me, Workflows is Christmas.


  • Prompts display or enter information while your workflow is running, use the Ask for file, Show Alert, Scan QR Code, Download a file and many more.
  • Variables are a powerful way to expand the capability of your workflow, allowing you to set up dynamic templates for content that autofill each time you use the workflow.
  • Special variables each workflow has a "Current User" and "Current Date" variables. Board views have an additional "Current Board" and item view workflows have "Current Item" in addition to the previous ones. Check the item view and board view templates for and example.
  • Runs everywhere: a board view, item view, dashboard widget or integration everywhere you go there's a workflow.
  • Actions are the building block of a workflow. Each workflow is made up of a series of actions, and each action is a single step that performs a particular function. Mix and match actions to create workflows that interact with your Monday workspace, as well as with content and services on the Internet. Some examples:
    • Monday actions: From archiving an item to duplicating a board everything you do in Monday can be automated.
    • Prompts actions: Ask the workflow user while your workflow is running to choose from menu, select a board, input text, print a file and many more actions.
    • Run Javascript: Write javascript code in a full fledged code editor with autocomplete with access to all the other actions data and a simplified Monday API.
    • Advanced Actions: In addition to running javascript you can send HTTP Requests to external APIs, send Monday GraphQL API or show json to help with building your workflow.
    • Flow actions: Repeat a group of actions or run them on a condition flow actions allowing you to use powerful computer program concepts in a simple drag and drop ui.
    • Scan QR/2D Codes action: Supports QR Codes, Data Matrix, Aztec and PDF 417.
    • Scan Bar/1D codes action: Supports UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 128, ITF and RSS-14.
    • Language actions: Translate and detect text language.
    • Text actions: Split, match, replace, combine or change case of any text.
    • Date actions: Format or adjust dates by add or subtracting them.
    • Download file, Print, Parse CSV, Charts, Number Actions and many more
  • Templates to help you get started with simple workflows.
  • Private and secure: workflows run entirely on the local machine. Except for when it's run by an integration temporarily sharing only the required data to process the workflow.
  • Dark mode for your beautiful eyes.
  • Running progress highlighting every action as it runs
  • Duplicate, import or export workflows to easily manage and share them
  • Drag and drop actions to add them from menu, sort them or move between groups.
  • Responsive design: Workflows fills your screen nicely. Whether it's a small widget inside Monday mobile app or a full board view you can quickly run and edit your workflows.

What's next for Workflow?

  • Public Beta: Workflows is currently in private beta register here to get early access.
  • Documentation and more templates
  • More Actions and Custom Actions
  • Marketplace release in early June

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