Honestly, I would say there was even not a inspiration at all. Lol. The thing is I luckily got a Oculus Rift, because I never have enough money to own any VR equipment, when first time to Hackathon, I found it offers Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE! I was so excited and request one immediately and I got it!

Second, the space of urban office is going so so expensive. People have to share their office, and there is no privacy somehow even. Moreover, even you could get fit on that, you won't have a lot freedom on office, you have to follow some certain rules. So I was thinking that how about to build a world which has unlimited possibility to modify it by your own, and it could get rid of all those restriction.

Third, playing gaming is always bad idea when you share you room with other. You won't get any piece if your roommates don't have a similar schedule, and small space has, again, same problem as above. Even you have your own house, you have to care about sorting different stuff. You won't be enjoy a lot because you have to consider aftermath. If you lost something, you have to spend a lot time on that.

What it does

By creating a whole space area in virtual world, your own idea is restricted in that tragic small screen no more. You could also get rid of the interference from outside world, it also get rid of the interference from outside world. I basically create a virtual space for different modifying. People could wear a VR equipment and get into the space which allows to modify whatever they want. I would rather say it is a platform rather than some kinda individual software. Due to lack of development ability and experience, I offer just some basic tools which allow people stream their actual stuff from real world like the desktop and setting interface, which allows people to using keyboard in virtual world. I am also leaves some space to improve including different kinds of widgets, and also easy-use development environment.

How I built it

I use basically Unity3D and C# to build this VR apps. I would says it's just a light app because it is still not completed individual software. I was able to build it by searching tons of pages.

Challenges I ran into

That's my very first time I've been Hackathon and I should say it brings a lot of burden on me. Moreover, I am a international student who even does not speak English well. This is my first year to ucsd, so I actually expect nothing when I come here. But unexpectedly, I got my dream equipment via MLH, and I decide not waste it. The first day and a half, I was almost submerged by tons of different programs. I have to figure out installing all those things, and finding all those drivers and programs were super complicated for me cuz language (sigh). and I made it work, and I also make the framework of the apps

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was knowing so little about the computer science. I am totally fool about C# and Unity and not matter what programming language. But I was doing so far as I doing my best. I complete the interaction between the computer streaming and the app itself which there is so less information about that in Internet. And I also complete the interaction via Leap Motion using hand gesture. I was able to use my hand to play inside of my apps. a Lot of Fun!

What I learned

I learned a looootttt. I would say it was the best experience I ever had. I makes a couple of friends and they gave me a lot of courage. Although I just sleep one or two hours in this 3 days, I can't stop my progress because I was so excited that I could do so far at the situation I know little about the computer science.

What's next for WorkField - You own unlimited space

I would like to add some widgets like browser, album, real-time changing environment, clock, office text tools, or even virtual Multi-person video chat room. It could also comes with two camera which allow to scan the nearby environment to create a connection and model between virtual and real world.

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