The main inspiration behind building our application WorkerBay was that as a society, we often get lost in terms of getting the employment we need and deserve, sometimes either due to middlemen in the industry or a lack of correct resources or communication means to help us in finding odd jobs. As workers who might not have proper access or knowledge and experience in technology, this proves to be an even greater challenge. Therefore, we developed a solution where workers can easily get hired for jobs according to their specialization. Both workers and customers are benefitted in the process, thereby enabling much better flow in opportunities and overall social impact.

What it does

  • WorkerBay accepts the user details of both customers and workers, also asking for registration IDs, cost, etc. of the worker so as to make sure all details are valid.
  • Worker may add and edit his availability on his work calendar, from his profile which will be stored in our database.
  • Customer can log into the app using their details and search for workers based on a filter system, namely date required, price range, ratings, etc.
  • Customer can then book an order with the worker which will send notifications to both parties.
  • Post-completion of service request, both workers and customers can rate each other which will serve as good testimonial for future requests.
  • At any time during the request, both worker and customer can report each other for misconduct or breach of terms.

How we built it

  • We used Figma to make the UI-UX designs and the working prototype.
  • We used Flutter to make the front-end side of the mobile application.
  • We used Node.js to write the server side of the code.
  • We used and Heroku for hosting our server.
  • We used Postman to send API calls.
  • We used Github for open sourcing our code.

Challenges we ran into

  • It was our very first time working with Flutter, which proved quite challenging.
  • It was also our very first time using Postman to make the API calls and we were stuck on a simple problem for a very long time due to which we were deterred a little.
  • We also faced some issues with linking one mobile screen to the other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We took up a pretty lengthy project over a short amount of time, which resulted in self doubt very often, but we are proud to have attempted it anyway and have gotten this far.
  • We also correctly figured out how to use Postman for making API calls.
  • We also put special care into making the screens as user friendly and accessible for all backgrounds of technology exposure as possible.

What we learned

  • We learnt how to correctly host server in and Heroku.
  • We learnt how to connect different mobile screens together on the front-end side.
  • We learnt how to correctly make API calls using Postman.

What's next for WorkerBay

  • We want to develop a more intricate filtering system for finding workers according to preference.
  • There will be options to share the experiences faced by both workers and customers during a particular service request, thereby increasing awareness and community reach.
  • We will also develop a web application for WorkerBay.
  • A possible live chat option available for both workers and customers for providing support to both parties.
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