We wanted to create an innovative way for people to save money and then we realized: no matter what, people are going to spend money so we took a new perspective on the issue. Instead of saving money we realized what better way to empower people financially than to give free money. Most people think that technology has a one-way detrimental relationship with finance, but we wanted to show people that technology can also help people to earn some money on the side.

What it does

WorkCoin helps people become financially responsible by allowing them to buy what they need for doing what they were already doing i.e. for free. Every time you open a tab you get a WorkCoin (Maximum of one WorkCoin per minute) and you can eventually trade in every 500 WorkCoin for a dollar

How we built it

We built WorkCoin from the ground up with the Materialize framework which is based off of Google's Material Design for the frontend. We used SQL to store the WorkCoins, we then used flask to to integrate python code (back-end) to connect with all the front-end features. We also used sentiment analysis to judge the choices the user makes.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into included learning how to work with flask and databases as we only knew how to make static html pages before along with the implementation of the sentiment analysis script(tensorflow).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our website has a clean UI and an enjoyable UX that is cross-compatible thanks to the hard work that we out into this project. Also, our software works.

What we learned

We learned how to use varieties of new software. We also learned how the various techniques can make sentiment analysis possible.

What's next for WorkCoin

WorkCoin will continue to be updated through our github - continue to view our status at:

Created by the best team ever: Andrew, Rahul and Rohan!

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