I've found as I've become healthier my productivity has risen exponentially. I think it would be great for companies to take a leading foot in making people better.

What it does

Does check-ins for employees to be able to track their health metrics and earn 'streaks'. The higher the streaks, the higher the rewards can provide to users.

How I built it

I used zapier for all of the 'backend' logic. Memberstack for the basic login functionality and all the UI was done in webflow!

Challenges I ran into

It was a little tricky to get the whole zapier aspect of working. Especially since some of the booleans needed to be +1 on the streaks. Got a small workaround for this done where I used Zapier Filters and split it into several different zaps. Then I had a delay function that ported the final values to webflow from Airtable. Airtable was definitely easier to use as a 'database' than the webflow CMS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting those zaps to work! :D

What I learned

  • How to finesse Webflow CMS, Zapier and Airtable to work well.
  • How to create custom login pages with memberstack (a lot easier than expected)

What's next for WorkCarrot

Adding company accounts and better analytics for them. Reward Tiers Financial incentives Automated logging via MyFitnessPal or smart watches!

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