As a bunch of high school juniors, we felt motivated to work on the issue of understaffed businesses because it could help other high schoolers like us in managing their summer jobs. This would make it much easier to figure out the times they could work, while also focusing on their schoolwork.

What it does

WorkBase is a web application designed for managers to contact available employees when they are understaffed for the day. In this application, users --usually the employees-- are able to create an account and connect to their manager’s database. They are then able to log the times in which they are available to come in and work. A manager can then sign in to the website and view the availability of their employees, so they know who they can contact to assist them in the store during their more needful hours.

How we built it

We built this over the span of one full day. We first created the Python backend, and set up the MySQL database to connect and store files. Next we programmed a shell HTML website, utilizing Flask to help connect our Python and HTML code. Finally, we used Bootstrap to upgrade the look and feel of our website, along with tons of CSS to further make our website look sleek and modern.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was implementing a MySQL database into our Python code, especially since none of us had any prior experience with the application before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Over the course of the hackathon, we developed our coding skills like never before. We implemented Flask, a Python module that makes it easy and seamless to connect our python backend to our html frontend. We also managed to learn how to use MySQL in less than a day.

What we learned

We learned how to utilize Bootstrap in our website to make it accessible on many devices, such as a phone or tablet, and were able to utilize MySQL as complete beginners to databases with Python.

What's next for WorkBase

There are many improvements that we could make if we had more time. Outside of the scope of the hackathon, we would like to add a registration page for managers, which allows them to invite employees from their specific company. We would also like to create a better UI experience, which allows employees to show their availability in a more quick and organized fashion.

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