Welcome to WorkAgora, a revolutionary platform designed to overcome the challenges faced by freelancers and companies in the contemporary job market. Our mission? To transform the landscape of job hunting by offering an efficient, secure, and diversified platform where finding the right job or talent is no longer a daunting task.

What it does

WorkAgora is a one-stop platform for both freelancers and companies, leveraging blockchain technology to enhance the freelancing landscape. It offers a broad spectrum of features tailored to meet the unique needs of its users, ensuring seamless transactions and interactions.

WorkAgora aims to metamorphose this landscape by establishing a superior platform for job hunting for freelancers and companies alike. We envision a space where opportunities are abundant, and the process of finding the right job or the right talent is streamlined and efficient.

Security forms the backbone of WorkAgora. Leveraging blockchain technology, we've created a secure ecosystem that handles contracts with transparency and reliability. The use of smart contracts, a dispute system, money lock feature, and on-chain snapshots all contribute to an environment where both parties can feel protected and assured in their transactions.

Transparency and reputation are pivotal in a freelance marketplace, and we've taken it a step further by integrating these aspects on-chain. This ensures that users can trust the system, and reputation becomes a tangible and verified asset for every participant.

WorkAgora places a strong emphasis on identity verification using Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. This precautionary measure helps mitigate potential issues concerning the identities of freelancers and companies, further adding to the platform's security.

Lastly, to handle cryptocurrency payments smoothly, we've implemented the use of Oracles. AnyAPI from Chainlink is employed to determine the average price of assignments, thus ensuring fair and transparent pricing in the marketplace.

Tech for Good Aspect

Embedded in the core philosophy of WorkAgora is our commitment to use 'Tech for Good'. We strongly believe that technology can drive substantial positive changes in society, and we aim to exemplify this belief through our platform. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, we are not only enhancing the freelance work landscape but also contributing towards a more equitable, transparent, and accessible global economy.

WorkAgora fosters a democratized space where the barriers of geography, language, and traditional gatekeeping are minimized. By enabling secure, transparent transactions and providing a globally accessible platform, we empower talented individuals, irrespective of their location or background, to connect and collaborate. We are consciously working towards a future where anyone, anywhere, can tap into global opportunities, thus fostering inclusivity and diversity.

In essence, WorkAgora isn't just a platform for freelancing; it's a manifestation of how technology can be harnessed to serve society, provide opportunities, and drive meaningful progress. We're committed to ensuring that our platform remains an example of how 'Tech for Good' can transform industries and improve lives.

Celebrating Diversity through Events and Highlighting Talent

WorkAgora is deeply committed to embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive platform. We believe that a diverse talent pool is not only an asset, but a critical driver of innovation, creativity, and growth. In our vision of an equitable world, everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, or socio-economic status, deserves recognition for their unique skills and contributions.

To tangibly celebrate this diversity, we are planning to curate a series of events designed to highlight and showcase the skills and talents of different segments within our community. For instance, we envisage a dedicated "Women's Week," a week-long event celebrating the contributions of women in freelancing, tech, and beyond. This would involve highlighting the accomplishments of women freelancers, promoting their profiles, and providing platforms for them to share their experiences, challenges, and insights.

Similarly, we are keen to spotlight individuals and sectors that are breaking barriers and making significant strides. By featuring various industry sectors at different times, we can shed light on the innovation and achievements within these fields, such as blockchain, AI, AR/VR and more.

We are also passionate about featuring profiles of freelancers who have made a significant impact in their respective fields. By sharing their stories and achievements, we aim to inspire others, foster a sense of community, and demonstrate that on WorkAgora, hard work and talent are recognized and celebrated.

Through these initiatives, we are not only fostering an environment that values diversity and inclusivity but also actively driving it. We firmly believe that everyone has a place in the freelance market, and at WorkAgora, we strive to make sure everyone can find it. Join us as we celebrate diversity and forge a more inclusive and equitable future of work.

Key Features of WorkAgora

  • Secure and Transparent Contracts: The platform utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate secure and transparent transactions. Each contract is executed as a smart contract, thereby reducing the risk of disputes and ensuring the reliability of terms agreed upon.

  • Simplified Job Search and Talent Acquisition: WorkAgora makes the process of job hunting and talent acquisition easy and efficient. Freelancers can find a myriad of opportunities while companies can tap into a pool of diverse global talents. Furthermore, the integration of OpenAI technologies accelerates the search process, significantly enhancing matchmaking accuracy and speed. Whether you're a freelancer hunting for the perfect job or a company seeking the right talent, WorkAgora optimizes your search process and ensures you find your best match.

  • KYC Verification: To safeguard the platform and its users, a Know Your Customer (KYC) process is implemented. This strengthens the trust between freelancers and companies by ensuring verified identities.

  • Dispute System: In case of conflicts, WorkAgora has a built-in dispute system that allows for fair resolution. This system serves as an intermediary, ensuring both parties' concerns are addressed effectively.

  • Cryptocurrency Payments: WorkAgora embraces the future of payments by facilitating transactions via cryptocurrency. The use of Oracles and AnyAPI from Chainlink provides a fair and accurate determination of the average price of tasks, ensuring a transparent and balanced payment system.

  • On-chain Reputation: The platform holds a transparent and verifiable on-chain reputation system. This makes the reputation a credible asset for every participant, thus promoting honest and professional conduct within the platform.

In a nutshell, WorkAgora is a holistic solution that tackles the hurdles of the traditional freelance market, transforming it into a secure, transparent, and efficient space for freelancers and companies alike.

Better payment system

  • Advanced Contract Payment System: WorkAgora has developed an innovative contract payment system to foster trust and ensure financial security for all parties involved:

    • Payment Locking: The platform enables a certain percentage of the payment to be locked when the contract is initiated, providing a security measure for freelancers and assurance of work completion for companies.
    • Initial Deposit: Companies are required to make an initial deposit, defined as a percentage of the total contract value. This acts as a demonstration of commitment and ensures freelancers that they are working with a serious client.
    • Deferred Payment: The system supports deferred payments, with the ability to set milestones and release payments based on their completion. This feature requires a snapshot mechanism for accurate tracking and verification of completed milestones.
    • Multi-Step Payment: WorkAgora's platform allows the breaking down of larger tasks into several milestones, each associated with a specific portion of the total payment. As each milestone is achieved, the corresponding payment is released. This ensures that freelancers are compensated throughout the duration of the project, and companies can monitor progress closely.

This comprehensive contract payment system ensures a fair and secure method of transaction, greatly reducing potential payment conflicts and fostering a healthy working environment for both freelancers and companies.

How we built it

WorkAgora is the product of several innovative technologies coming together to create a platform that's secure, efficient, and user-friendly.

For the backbone of our platform, we chose the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain for its robust decentralization capabilities. It helps us ensure security, reliability, and speed, making our platform more resilient and trustworthy.

To handle cryptocurrency prices and job price suggestions, we integrated Chainlink's suite of powerful decentralized services. We used Chainlink Price Feeds for accurate, up-to-date crypto prices and Chainlink's AnyAPI for job price suggestions. This combination allows us to maintain transparency in pricing and ensure fair remuneration for freelancers' work.

On the server-side, we adopted the NestJS framework and combined it with AWS Lambda for serverless computing. This combination enables us to handle high loads efficiently and make our backend more scalable and cost-effective.

For frontend development, we leveraged the power of NextJS combined with the Chakra UI framework. This combination allows us to create a highly responsive and intuitive user interface, delivering a seamless and enjoyable UX for our users.

In the quest to make the job and talent search process more efficient, we incorporated OpenAI technology. OpenAI allows us to offer smart and fast search capabilities, significantly enhancing the matchmaking accuracy and speed on our platform.

Finally, to ensure the authenticity of identities on our platform, we partnered with Synaps, a leading KYC provider. Synaps helps us prevent potential identity-related issues and further enhance the security and trustworthiness of WorkAgora.

Together, these technologies empower us to deliver a superior platform for freelancers and companies, revolutionizing the way they interact and conduct business.

Please note that while we're making progress with WorkAgora, not all features and functionalities are fully implemented yet. The described technologies and services reflect our vision for the platform. As we diligently work towards full realization, components may be in various stages of development. We value your patience and support as we continue to enhance the platform. Stay tuned for more updates!

Challenges we faced

Throughout the development of WorkAgora, we encountered several significant challenges.

Firstly, designing a fair and effective dispute system necessitated in-depth research. Our vision for a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) was not just about ensuring equitable dispute resolution but also considering its operational aspects. It was essential for us to create a system that could reward those contributing to the DAO's functioning, potentially involving professionals like advocates and judges. Balancing this intricate system required extensive exploration and meticulous decision-making.

On the technical front, working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in conjunction with NestJS and DynamoDB presented its own set of challenges. Our journey navigating these technologies wasn't just a task - it was a learning experience that deepened our understanding and enriched our skills as developers.

Finally, while protocols exist for creating multi-payment systems, we felt strongly about developing a bespoke solution that would best serve WorkAgora's needs. This approach presented a unique challenge, requiring us to design and implement an on-chain reputation system from scratch. It was akin to navigating uncharted waters - each step was a creative leap, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of decentralized freelancing platforms. Despite the complexities, we remained resolute in our commitment to our vision and continued to innovate for WorkAgora.

Future of WorkAgora

WorkAgora is constantly evolving, with a range of enhancements and expansions planned for the near future. Our primary focus areas include:

  • Completion of Existing Functionalities Our aim is to not only provide a feature-rich platform but also to ensure each function works optimally. We plan to fine-tune the search feature for better efficiency, thus enabling freelancers and companies to find the right matches faster. Further, we aim to refine the UX/UI aspects of the dispute resolution system. Making this system more intuitive and user-friendly will allow for quicker and more efficient dispute resolutions, which in turn will build greater trust in the platform.

  • Skills Tag Handling We understand the crucial role that accurate skill tags play in a freelance marketplace. Hence, we intend to improve how we handle these, making it easier for freelancers to showcase their abilities and for companies to find the exact skills they require. By matching skills with job requirements more accurately, we'll be able to provide better job fits. This will ultimately enhance user satisfaction and make WorkAgora stand out from other platforms.

  • Increased AI Involvement We believe that AI has significant potential in streamlining various processes on our platform. Therefore, we're looking to involve AI more in tasks such as job description writing, research, and more. By eliminating mundane tasks and automating processes, we'll be able to offer an even more seamless experience for users. Increased AI involvement will give us an edge over traditional platforms by making WorkAgora faster, more efficient, and more advanced.

  • Premium Accounts To create a sustainable model for WorkAgora's continued growth and to offer enhanced benefits to companies, we're considering introducing premium accounts. These accounts will provide additional features and benefits, such as priority listing and advanced analytics, creating a value proposition for companies to invest more into the platform. This monetization model will not only sustain our growth but also ensure we can continually innovate to make WorkAgora better than other marketplaces.

  • Real-World Justice Integration One of the most exciting prospects for WorkAgora's future is the integration of real-world justice mechanisms into our dispute system. This would involve working with legal professionals in real life, providing an additional layer of fairness and security to our users. While ambitious, we believe this initiative could revolutionize dispute resolution in the freelance marketplace.

  • Skill Assertion and Certification In the future, we aim to implement a system of skill assertion and certification, enhancing the credibility and reliability of the freelancers on our platform. We believe this would make it simpler for companies to evaluate and choose freelancers, creating a smooth hiring process. This would not only serve to highlight the skills and expertise of our freelancers but would also build a stronger sense of trust in the WorkAgora community.

  • Promotion of Specialized Fields and Diversity WorkAgora intends to spotlight certain burgeoning fields like blockchain, AI, AR/VR and more. We plan on holding events, seminars, and workshops dedicated to these fields, providing a platform for specialists to share their knowledge and insights, thereby promoting growth and learning within the WorkAgora community. We're also dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity on our platform. We plan to organize special events highlighting the work of women, men, and individuals from various backgrounds, reinforcing the value of diversity in creative and technical fields. We believe these initiatives will not only foster a sense of community but also make WorkAgora a more vibrant and inclusive platform.

Through these endeavors, WorkAgora will continue to expand and enhance the experience for all its users, serving as a beacon for progress and innovation in the freelance marketplace. WorkAgora seeks to continually evolve, offering an increasingly sophisticated, secure, and user-friendly platform for freelancers and companies alike.

Join us on this exciting journey towards redefining the future of work !

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