Inspiration. Sharing economy builds trustful relationships among employees in the face of economic crisis. We combine values of diversity of employees_ experience; data – driven personalized service and a meaningful community, helping each other to create preventive measures to save employees' works and company reputation as a decent employer.

What it does. Work4Sharing is an online employees' sharing platform. It lets companies save their employees with full size salaries even if the business doesn’t require all staff currently. The online platform where companies come before taking hard decisions to let employees go. It provides information and contacts of other employers with the demand of the same employees' quality As well as it helps employees to stay on work and life track.

How we built it. <2-sided market place>: Web interface_ ML based matching algorithm_ Notification system_ Online personnel management based on an accurate forecast_ Personal employers' accounts _ Personal employee's accounts_Research analytical system.

Challenges we ran into_ employment thread to a large amount of people in Lithuania_ personal stress of employees because of uncertainty_treatment for employers stressed by loosing business activity and unable to pay fair salaries.

Accomplishments that we're proud of = W4S team_with prosocial mindset experienced in IT products development_HR and career profiling, data science and marketing. We are gathered for the social challenge solution.

What we learned. The professional team united for meaningful purpose to help people.

What's next for Work4Sharing. Scale the project for new countries (Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland) and create united landscape and personalized service for various branches.

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