Enable thousands of low-income, basic skills deficient, disabled, high-school dropouts, gang affiliated, homeless people to land their next job based on the skills developed.

What does Work2Future do?

Provides career advising services to thousands of job seekers and connect them to hundreds of business partners. Through its four Silicon Valley America’s Job Center locations, the work2future Foundation provides job seekers with the skills they need to land their next job. Participants of work2future have access to in depth vocational assessments, career advising, vocational training, workshops, and on-site job recruitment.

What was the problem statement

"I am a case manager and I want to raise funds. One way I do this is by presenting the success stories in a more engaging manner. I care the most about convincing potential donors, communicating how it would impact and make the website more user-friendly. But the problem is that I can't generate engaging content dynamically and it takes too much time and it must fit into the existing framework. So I have to update the website manually to represent new stories."

How we built it

We improved the existing website by learning about it, removing the clutter and adding more features to make the user experience more engaging. Check out link

Challenges we ran into

  • Learning existing framework of Wordpress, plugins
  • Crashed the website and recover it
  • Notified by Site Hosting providers regarding a lot of script runs causing daily limit reach

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learn the Wordpress CMS in&out
  • Plan and strategize the customer engagement workflow
  • Gained the ability to narrow down to the painpoints in the workflow

What we learned

  • Using Wordpress and the working of it.
  • Understand the scale of the reach and impact of the social work of Work2Future

What's next for work2future-upgrade

  • Look for more smooth flow for the user engagement and make it a effective fund raise for the program
  • Integrate YOUTH & ADULT websites of Work2Future
  • Track donations and connect the donors to the individuals through the NPO

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