We were inspired to create this app based on the real life struggle of manual tracking and allocation of daily activities in a workplace and consolidating together in a single platform.

What it does

Work Management Tool is a Task Allocation and Tracking application which consists of multiple features like Auto allocation and integration with Teams, Slack, Jira and Alexa. Auto allocation feature enables allocation of tickets automatically to users based on their capacity and leave tracker. Teams and Slack integration enables users to check the status of different tasks and workload for a specific user. CI CD software such as Jira is integrated so that users can update the user stories from QuickBase and update the QuickBase from Jira if any user story or tasks are created. Alexa integration enables users to understand a task status.

How we built it

We have built this application on QuickBase platform and integrated to different services through pipelines. • Jira Integration – We have a Jira integration for the task creation pushing data through pipelines to QuickBase. • Use of QuickBase pipelines – After the task creation, it will be auto allocated to a resource based on capacity via best of QuickBase channel pipelines. • Slack Integration – Task has a feature to enable a chat functionality with colleagues over the Slack channel through pipelines. It provides a feature to initiate a conversation from QuickBase, will post the same message in the Slack channel and response can be provided. Slack also has a feature to get the task details and status through the channel. • Outlook Integration - This application also has an added feature to set up Outlook meetings by clicking a button available in the task form and integrate with the online Microsoft Team meetings. We have achieved this vis best use of QuickBase random variables/formula fields along with the outlook pipeline channels • QuickBase Native Features (Formula Fields & Pipelines) – In this application we have built a feature for Leave Requests and Request Approval based on the historical data analysis. This also has a feature for SLA mechanism for each task and to calculate the Overall Productivity. • Voicify QuickBase with Alexa Integration - Helps the users to check the task status emerging with IOT technologies. • Quick Base Executive Dashboard – We have used the QuickBase latest executive dashboard for reporting the team building activities and their productivity along with the best use of roles (Supervisor & Processor)

Challenges we ran into

• Jira Integration – Syncing the data on both the directions, but it has been resolved using QuickBase pipeline channels. • Slack Integration – Handling the Slack channel is a tedious task, we have accomplished using QuickBase pipeline channels • Voicify QuickBase with Alexa Integration – IOT Technology doesn’t have a direct integration with QuickBase, we achieved this via AWS Alexa platform. • Auto assignment of Tasks based on the capacity and the availability of the resources – Solved this problem via using Jinja expressions within QuickBase pipelines

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we have built an app successfully which would help different users to easily track their tasks with different technologies such as Slack, Jira, Alexa, Outlook, QuickBase formulas, Pipeline Integrations, Jinja expressions, Roles and Executive Dashboards.

What we learned

• Lot of Integrations with technologies • Best use of QuickBase native features • Best use of Pipeline/API channels • Team Effort

What's next for Work Management Tool

In future, this application can be integrated to more technology stack to expand in terms of processing and reporting.

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