Most people don't realize the amount of effort it takes to burn off what they eat. This is why we designed the WORKIT app for the Pebble smartwatch.

How we built it

The Pebble smartwatch offers several APIs to gather data about health. By combining this data with online research, we were able to code our app using Pebble SDK 3 on a Pebble Time rented from the Hardware Lab.

What it does

Our app combines two aspects of physical well-being: exercise and diet. We want to make people aware of the time and effort it takes to burn off, let's say, a few M&M's or a single donut. With each calorie burned, a meter on the watch screen fills, approaching a milestone. After the user reaches a milestone, the application congratulates the user and displays a photo of the food equivalency of calories burned at that point. These milestones provide an intuitive sense of something more than just a number of calories.

Challenges we ran into

All members of the team are first-year students, participating in our first Hackathon. The majority have never worked on a GUI-based project, so the first hours of the Hackathon consisted of learning how to incorporate our ideas into the Pebble.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First, we are so proud that we managed to complete a prototype at our first hackathon. We applied our knowledge and were able to work together as a team to reach our goal of making our idea a reality.

What we learned

As a team, we learned how to synthesize our ideas and apply them to achieve our goal of making an app. Mostly it was a long night of research and learning together! We saw the C language in a very applied form, and this helped to make us more aware of everything that the C programming language has to offer. We are also now more aware of how to make apps on our own since this task seemed daunting just a week ago.

What's next for WORK IT

We hope to improve the user interface for WORK IT by adding more statistics for a more complete report on a workout. We want to encourage people to use this app throughout the day to be aware of the calories they are burning at any given time.

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