Predict the stock market, and rake in some big money.

Work in progress

LSTM model, a better feature selection for the tree-based model

What it does

Predict the return of a stock.

How we built it

We each worked on a model(tree-based or network-based) for the prediction. We also included feature engineering to improve the accuracy.

Challenges we ran into

The feature engineering and selection were by far the hardest to get right.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have three working models: Random Forest, XGBoost and Deep Neural Network to predict the return of a stock.

What we learned

Reality is harsh, predicting the stock market is almost like flipping a coin. We also learnt to work on a challenging project within a short time frame and of course the fun of staying up all night haha...

What's next for Work in progress

Improve the LSTM model and improve the feature selection of the Random Forest Model.

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