I got the inspiration from my daily work-from-home routine (see the photos for details :P)

  • no makup, hair not brushed, empty cup of coffee
  • workstation setup in the middle of the living room (the dining table was last used for dinner looong ago)
  • yoga mat always around to not forget to stretch (very ambitious!)
  • sunny weather outside but no chance to go out
  • no idea when was the last time i exercised :)
  • my daughter's toys all around the place (busy mom! :P)

What it does

The skill will give (or remind) you some tips to boost your work from home (and not only) productivity

How I built it

Trying to keep up with work, keeping the place tidy and keeping the thoughts in order!

Challenges I ran into

  • Some bugs in Alexa Conversations Beta (i.e. "Nothing" response immediately ends the session - haha!)
  • Build & Model training is infinetely long - well, gave me some time to do the laundry!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did it in spite of all the challenges!

What I learned

The new in Amazon Alexa: APL/View Responses, Multimodal responses, and of course the Alexa Conversations.

What's next for Work From Home Productivity

UI improvements for which I didn't have enough time: user touch input, lists/links, more tips and better dialog structure.

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