Covid 19 crisis has forced us to opt for remote working or working from home, as is widely referred. This luxury of working from home also comes with some disadvantages though. People tend to get more lethargic, sitting in front of their systems / workplaces for long hours. Moreover, working from home comes with additional responsibilities of looking after kids, family, working spouses. All of this leaves individuals stressed. It also has an adverse impact on their fitness, lifestyle, food habits, ergonomics,etc. Thus, we see an overall impact on the health for all individuals. The current crisis has made us realize, that along with handling all responsibilities, it is also our paramount duty to take due care of our health and strive for being physically and mentally fit.

The Covid crisis and work from home scenario, inspired our group to take up this idea of building an intelligent wellness platform, which will serve to be a boon for individuals and organizations.Personalized exercise recommendations, access to experts, heart rate, sleep pattern analysis are some, but not the only features, we intend to build.

What it does

  • Pattern analysis of step count, heart rate, sleep time and calories burnt for providing personalized recommendations.
  • Time to time workstation stretches based on average heart rate analysis to reduce stress and strain.
  • Ergonomic suggestions to employees to reduce physical strain while working.
  • Simple animated home exercise suggestions at wake up times and in the evenings.
  • Live sessions by physical trainers and personalized suggestions based on the users' data collected.
  • Webcast and suggestions by dieticians and ergonomic experts.

How I built it

We started with analysis of sample fitness tracker data for our idea. Data analysts from our team started slicing and dicing the data points to figure the patterns and possible predictions points. They cleaned the data and created a sample model to try the predictions. The cleaned sample data was loaded to firebase to test it from our newly built iOS application. The application is envisioned to collect data from devices and use it against the models for predictions. Our designers and developers worked on multiple revisions for the application UI before it was finalized. Once, they were developed we were able to test the step count and average heart rate data based predictions against the sample model.

Challenges I ran into

Finding enough sample data from internet was our first challenge. We had to analyse about three data-sets before we could finalize on one for our analysis. Second was finalizing on simple UI designs that would be appealing for users and at the same time easy for developers to create a prototype in about 24-36 hours. Deciding on the logo and tag line for the app was the next. It had to be simple catching and conveying our motto. We got multiple suggestions from team members and combining a couple of them created our tagline. Coming up with a sample model for our prototype required a lot of data analysis and data cleanup. However, the team members were geared up with the exciting idea and solution we had put forth. We also faced challenge in getting our mentor assigned before our first checkpoint. But constant followup with a few coordinators helped us solve it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Building a working prototype in a matter of two days is out team's biggest accomplishment.
  • Putting up with correct sample data and analyzing the same from solution perspective.
  • Coming up with a good, resilient data model in a matter of days.

What I learned

  • It is possible to come up with innovative ideas and solutions if all minds come together and think in a creative direction.
  • An idea's business aspect and model is as important as its technical complexity and implementation.
  • Most trivial matters that we thought was not a problem till date has taken a turn and needs to be solved to ensure better life and society.
  • Any problem that we feel has been solved had lot of opportunities for improvement and innovation.

What's next for Work Fitness Home - A Triad

  • Build on top of existing sample data and create more rigorous and accurate data models
  • Data analysis alongside professional experts to come up with medically correct recommendations
  • Inclusion of user friendly psychometric tests and their analysis for individuals
  • Live streaming of trainers / experts sessions for users of the app
  • Concept of 'Challenge' to consistently increase the bar of physical activities
  • Guidance / tips for individuals to keep their kids engaged, when working from home

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