I was inspired by Miro and Zoom by the increase in usage by students and remote teams since covid-19.

Post Covid-19, more people will start using these products. I felt that it would be better to have productivity tools and video calls in the same system.

After I read a thread on Reddit about and their refusal to allow a customer to delete his account and data, I decided to use Blockstack because they allow the user to have control of their data.

What it does

Digital sticky notes to keep track of things and improve productivity.

Video chat

How I built it


Blockstack-Gaia to store notes in decentralized storage

Agora sdk to handle video chat

Challenges I ran into

Had some issues with DNS for my domain.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing the project.

What I learned

I am familiar with Blockstack. Haven't used it in a while and had to learn the new quirks.

I really need to improve my CSS skills

What's next for Work Better, Online

A kanban board

More collaboration by allowing users to give access to other users to edit a note and kanban board using Blockstack radiks

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