Work As A Service , Mother helps on Devops daily activities


  1. There is prediction 90% of language going to vanish in next century.
  2. With different level of skill with in or out Organization, it is extremely difficult to bring all team member in same page to operate in DevOps. E.g breakdown tasks, house keeping for PM, writing user stories etc.
  3. Working in global environment in POST COVID situation, it is hard to do the knowledge transfer non-english users.

What it does

  • It act as mother helping in devops/agile.
  • It will create User Stories, agile questions, report , KPI, goal management etc.
  • AI based Bot

How I built it

  • Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure API

Challenges I ran into

  • Submitting to Office Store is extremely difficult and unfortunately still not able to resolve.
  • Many hours spend on phone circle from Microsoft partner team to office team to various customer support.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Develop MPV
  • Scalable using Kubernetee
  • Train the model to replace 50% repeating tasks

What I learned

AI,BOT, Adaptice Cards, Machine Learning

What's next for Work As A Service

  • Train the BOT to learn different line of business
  • Traget Market in our use case
  • /
  • Language Translation
  • Help healthcare professional using Microsoft Azure Healthcare BOT
  • Adaptive different line of business(s).

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