Lets be honest, most apartments in New York are small—REAL small. Anyone who has tried to work from home has experienced cabin fever or been distracted by something at home. Work+ helps people get out of their house and into their community by finding places nearby that are good for working.

People can search for new places to work by telling Work+ about their ideal setup: WiFi? Coffee? Quiet? Work+ will scour nearby Foursquare and NYC WiFi Hotspot locations and and find places that meet their criteria. If the user already knows a great place to work they can simply search for nearby locations with the location name or keyword.

Work+ will help track the time spent working at locations. When the user is finished, they can simply leave the area and Work+ will record that session in their work log. If a user liked working at that location, they can rate it highly or save it in their favorites to revisit later. Over time Work+ will be able to figure out the places getting the most work done and the city working the hardest. We think thats a no brainer—New York!

Discover new places and start getting to work.

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