The right font is hard to find, especially when you know little about typefaces and fonts.

What it does

This website crowd-sources adjectives and words to be associated with fonts. In turn, users can search abstract words, moods, thoughts, or adjectives to find the right font.

How I built it

I used ruby-on-rails to maintain the backend and handled the front-end and UI with Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

Prior to this, I had hardly ever programmed in Javascript and I had never set up a rails server with API's. So, the hardest part was just figuring out how to connect all the parts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works. I just can't believe it works.

What I learned

I learned a much deeper understanding of how to develop ruby-on-rails applications and I got great experience in programming user experiences in html, css, and javascript.

What's next for WordToFont

I hope to significantly expand the database with many more word-font associations and many more fonts. Then I hope to add some more complex algorithms to proactively label fonts.

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