After witnessing the power of collectible games and card systems, our team was determined to prove that this enjoyable and unique game mechanism wasn't just some niche and could be applied to a social activity game that anyone could enjoy or use to better understand one another (taking a note from Cards Against Humanity's book).

What it does

Words With Strangers pairs users up with a friend or stranger and gives each user a queue of words that they must make their opponent say without saying this word themselves. The first person to finish their queue wins the game. Players can then purchase collectible new words to build their deck and trade or give words to other friends or users they have given their code to.

How we built it

Words With Strangers was built on Node.js with core HTML and CSS styling as well as usage of some bootstrap framework functionalities. It is deployed on Heroku and also makes use of TODAQ's TaaS service API to maintain the integrity of transactions as well as the unique rareness and collectibility of words and assets.

Challenges we ran into

The main area of difficulty was incorporating TODAQ TaaS into our application since it was a new service that none of us had any experience with. In fact, it isn't blockchain, etc, but none of us had ever even touched application purchases before. Furthermore, creating a user-friendly UI that was fully functional with all our target functionalities was also a large issue and challenge that we tackled.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our UI not only has all our desired features, but it also is user-friendly and stylish (comparable with Cards Against Humanity and other genre items), and we were able to add multiple word packages that users can buy and trade/transfer.

What we learned

Through this project, we learned a great deal about the background of purchase transactions on applications. More importantly, though, we gained knowledge on the importance of what TODAQ does and were able to grasp knowledge on what it truly means to have an asset or application online that is utterly unique and one of a kind; passable without infinite duplicity.

What's next for Words With Strangers

We would like to enhance the UI for WwS to look even more user friendly and be stylish enough for a successful deployment online and in app stores. We want to continue to program packages for it using TODAQ and use dynamic programming principles moving forward to simplify our process.

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