The inspiration came from the idea to implement the Java Smooch API in order to provide a more interactive environment for players via cross-platform messaging in order to play a simple game.

What it does

Currently, the program is in an incomplete state . There exists 2 driver files: one for the more complete terminal based version of the project, and another that executes a Java Swing GUI.

How we built it

The IntelliJ Idea IDE was used, as well as NotePad++ for some final edits.

Challenges we ran into

Our inexperience with the Java programming language as well as our current lack of knowledge concerning the creatino of an app had lead to miscommunication, false starts and other problems that had meant it was not possible for us to implement most of the features and stability improvements we would've hoped to accomplish before the end of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team is proud to have delved head first into developing an application, and despite the project's current status we consider it a testament of our abilities to have made it thus far and contribute to the community.

What we learned

Designing and implementing a fully functional programming project, as well as unlocking the secrets of the world of computer science, is a massive undertaking that warrants further exploration and discovery!

What's next for WordRoyale

The game will continued to be worked upon with more features and improvements as our own skills develop and we learn from our mistakes. Integration with the Smooch API is only one of the many current objectives of the project.

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