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The spirit of wanting to learn something that inspires to continue to struggle to gain knowledge of the digital era today.

What it does

I do it by doing research and applying legally via email. If I'm not mistaken, the first time application was not approved. But I got an invitation from the organizers of Devpost for me to join together and gain the most valuable experience that I am sure not everyone gets such an opportunity.

How I built it

Start by learning each topic through Microsoft learn and complete each task that has been displayed as a guide for us to learn.

Challenges I ran into

Maintaining a high level of patience, just using an android version of a mobile phone is very challenging because everything is new to me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is an achievement that I can be proud of for being one of the participants developing wordpress applications through Microsoft Azure globally.

What I learned

I get a lot of things and can spread to young people learning anything online and adapting to the new lifestyle norms to curb the infectious disease COVID-19.

What's next for WordPress-EasyOley

I still have not made any decision what I can do after this because my main goal is to learn. Most likely I need to find a mentor and some friends to help me develop this application. Individually I would like to say thanks the organizers of Devpost above this unexpected invitation.

KitaJagaKita #athome #MakeItEasyWithOleyEasy

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