If you think about it, managing Wordpress content within a mobile/desktop application is huge. It opens up a ton of possibilities for content creators and consumers alike. Content creators might begin to see a new and better crop of mobile/desktop blogging clients that allow them to create blog posts and more in unique environments that could never be built in the backend of WordPress itself. Likewise, there could be whole new content experiences built on the web or mobile apps using programs that function completely differently than WordPress but that get its content from a WordPress site.

What it does

Displays and manages the content mainly creating posts and displaying them within a mobile/desktop application (that is not the official WordPress App).

How we built it

AngularJS for frontend, Wordpress site hosted on AWS with JSON API Plugins.

Challenges we ran into

Looking for proper documentation for Wordpress JSON REST API as there are so many plugins with similar name.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The new field of possibilities that this opens up as any non programmer can easily use wordpress as a database server.

What we learned

How to use Wordpress, its plugins, how to host site on AWS, and more importantly Ajax calls on JavaScript along with AngularJS.

What's next for Wordpress BaaS

Make a complete mobile application and abstract away the concept of using Wordpress as database host from users of that mobile application.

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