Find Leaks! Watermark your documents

Table #13

What it does

Watermarks documents using synonym steganography: given a text document the web app will carefully modify words to create different versions of the document. If the document is leaked, you can track which version of the document was leaked.

This method has advantages over other steganography methods because the hidden information is hidden directly in the text, not in encoding. The hidden information survives even if the cipher text is hand copied (as opposed to other stego methods like font based encoding and white space encoding).

How we built it

ngrok and Amazon Web Services to host the website Bootstrap to make the client Python and Django to host the backend server. Python and NLTK to parse the plain text and create the cipher text.

What we learned

A lot to learn for the Natural Language Processing side to choose good synonyms. Setting up the web server was relatively easy, and bootstrap made it very easy to make a decent web page.

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