Wordling: Learn hard to remember words easily


My dad is learning English, but there's a lot of hard words he can't remember. When I saw him writing long list of words, adding them to Excel spreadsheet, I got an idea - I'll make app, which will help him remember all these words.


Goal of Wordling its to create easy way for learning translations of words and proper pronunciation of these words. The interface is simple to understand for everybody, you don't need account or anything to start learning.


Development of this app took me 2 weeks of work. I used Android Java as base of my app, and all my work is available on GitHub.


The biggest problem was adding "Upload to GitHub Gist" feature, and writing an word pack editor. I used Github Gist and Google URL shortener API for this purpose.


  • You can upload your word pack to web and import it in another device or just send it to your friends
  • The application uses Text To Speech to help you learn proper pronunciation of words
  • You don't need internet access
  • Application is free to everybody; You don't need an account
  • Wordling analyzes which words you know and sorts your list.

I also used Google's Material icons in my app. Project is licensed under MIT license.

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