Inspiration- To be completely honest we were bored of wordle. We wanted a fun and educational way to play wordle themed games with different interactive and competitive ways to play with friends and family.

What it does- It is a fun game with different educational mini games and interactive games to compete with friends and have fun!

How we built it - We used the platform Scratch to complete our project by using different sprites and unique background costumes.

Challenges we ran into - We had to deal with the time limit and making sure to finish all our work. We also didn't know how to add multiple games together at the start.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We are proud of including 2 minigames and sticking to the theme of Wordle throughout our whole project. We also are proud of how we never gave up through the whole game.

What we learned - We learned that coding is such a fun and unique way to share our knowledge and provide fun interactive games online. But on the side of coding we learned how to include different projects in one. We also learned that it is better to divide the work amongst the team instead of everyone working on one thing.

What's next for Wordle Mini games - We want to expand Wordle Minigames by adding more interactive mini games in the future.

Built With

  • scratch
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