Simple Dictionary which a user can access quickly while reading any article , also able to copy the definitions of the word easily and quickly

What it does

Wordify is Custom Block for Airtable. -User list the topics about which user wants to learn -User extracts sumary from Wikipedia by using button availabe on custom Block -Block will extract information from Wkipedia and will fill the table -Now when user select any cell on the table which has extracted information from Wikipedia then Block will tokenise the text and will provide the list of words. -Now if user selects any word from the list then Block will collect definition of the word from Wiktionary and identify various part of speech from the response. Output is displayed on the block interface

How I built it

Using Airtable Example as starting point wink-tokenizer to tokenise the word Wiktionary API to fetch the information using API Cheerio package to parse HTML and prepare the output

Challenges I ran into

parsing HTML data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can successfully provide wiktionary data right on the block interface which any user can store in the table easily without paying any money for licesne

What I learned

Block SDK , Cheerio, wink-tokeniser

What's next for Wordify

Provide advance features of dictiory, leematization, image examples

Built With

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