Quill provided us with a challenge of utilizing their grammar-checking tools in order to help create personalized learning for English studiers. We decided to gear our application towards middle-high school Chinese students who wish to better their English for education opportunities.

The app works as follows: students are designated a fluency level and can answer appropriate English grammar questions in sessions. After they have mastered the concept, they will write their own questions, subject to peer review. By creating an application capable of generating more and better content through our own users, the scalability of our application is immense, and the content organic and diverse.

The primary challenge we faced was implementing the Quill API in our core functionality. The functions of our backend technologies were not compatible with the Quill API. Thus, we decided to prioritize fully developing our front-end user-interface through Sketch and Invision over salvaging the backend in order to best express our original idea. Our application features a sleek user interface design that showcases the base functionalities of our idea. With our application, users will be able to assess their level of English speaking and improve their English to the point where they are able to communicate their newfound understanding of the language by creating content capable of teaching others.

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