Insurance Promotional Generator

We will be making a word2vec model to generate a promotional message for a given policy, based on the details of the client it is being tailored for.

Analysis will be conducted with Python using the keras machine learning library and weights will be exported

The database will be scraped using Jay insert language here

A simple UI will be created to generate the message once a person's details are entered. The UI will be built with the hypertext markup language and cascading style sheets, as well as the JavaScript language for some more computationally intense operations.

Cleanse text for these attributes:

  1. Marital Status (One-hot)
  2. Sex (One-hot)
  3. First Name (Character frequency)
  4. State (One-hot)
  5. Birthdate (Just the year)
  6. Type of Policy (Product, Coverage, Premium, Plan)
  7. Activity (Type, Comments vectorized)

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