Word Wonderland combines aspects from Goodreads, Wattpad, and game sites to create a community for kids to have fun as they build the habit of reading. We were inspired both by these sites and our interest in promoting children's literacy.

What it does

Encourages kids to read and write by providing a community for them to play games, share their thoughts on books, and create their own stories.

How we built it

Cut used Javascript to build a basic prototype of the website. For the book dataset, we will use Goodreads API. Aphee made the design in InDesign.

Challenges we ran into

The actual coding part—we came up with a lot of ideas but neither of us have the technical experience to carry them out in a form other than mockups.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ideas we came up with and how the site looks.

What we learned

We wanted it to be a very simple site and easy for kids to use and figure out, but it turns out making something simple is actually very complicated!

What's next for Word Wonderland

More mockups for other pages of the site, turning the designs into an actual site.

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