When markdown content is needed, perhaps for a blogging system that uses Markdown as input (e.g. Ghost) or for writing project documentation that will live on GitHub, BitBucket or similar, the content author may prefer to work with a tool they're more familiar with rather than learning Markdown syntax.

If that preferred tool happens to be Microsoft Word, you can use this add-in to convert the Word document to Markdown.

The result?

Content editors can create their content in an editor and environment they're familiar with (Word), with all the tools and add-ins they're used to using (spell and grammar check, references, etc.) and then quickly and easily export that content to Markdown. No extra learning. No context switching. More productivity.


Currently this will only work in Word on a Windows desktop (not on Mac, online or mobile versions) because the Office API used to get the document content isn't fully supported on those other platforms yet. Hopefully this will be resolved in the future, but we also have a separate branch where we've investigated an alternate, better supported method of accessing the content.

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