To succeed in school and beyond, our children need to build a robust vocabulary. There are many ways we can help our child learn new words, spelling and their contextual usage in a sentence. As a parent of two childrent, I realize it's important to impart right vocabulary skills through reciting 'High Frequency Words' and thus help them to succeed in their school curriculum.

What it does

The 'Word Power' skill is used by children of ages (3 to 9) to memorize High Frequency Words with their proper spelling and their usage in sentences. The child is encouraged to participate in 'spelling quiz of the day' thus enhancing his/her vocabulary on daily basis.

How I built it

We utilized Amazon Alexa SSML tags, speechcon and others to develop the skills

Challenges I ran into

We were trying to add spelling as an additional module for multiple words and we faced issues like - how to add random words in a single session. We were also facing difficulty in applying speechcons at the right places to make sure the user experience is seamless We faced difficulty on how to handle unexpected exceptions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can see that my child has adapted to using this skill and in this way learn new words every day.

What I learned

It's important to have all stakeholders (children, parent and teacher) participate in developing the skill from planning till testing. To make sure that the skill is engaging to a child and s/he comes back to use the skill again, we need to provide constant feedback and appreciation. We built the engagement by utilizing speechcons for e.g. Bravo, Hip Hip Hooray. For more information you may visit

What's next for Word Power

We are planning to release word power for various ages and educational stages for e.g. pre-schools, elementary, middle and high school, secondary school. We plan to take more feedback for school teachers, students and parents to continuously enhance and add functionalities to the skill.

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