Inspiration ## What it does Sisters of the Road

Word of Mouth(WoM): the application is designed to be based on user input. In the past one hundred years it was common for migratory people to communicate with each other using various symbols painted to give warnings and aid to one another. This is the basis for the design elements of our app.

•The o in the center of Word of Mouth is the symbol for “this way”, and our app aims to work as a community contributed guide.

How we built it

angular.js, html, bootstrap, twistedklein, python

Challenges we ran into

Angular is a jerk, our skill sets didn't have much overlap so it was hard to figure out the stack,

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Deploying to heroku, angular getting up and running, front and back connecting, using angular google maps api successfully, using bootstrap and angular for the first time(for some of us).

What we learned

A little bit about angular, a little about bootstrap, a lot about team work.

What's next for Word of Mouth

We hope that we plant the seed for a truly versatile and helpful app, empathizing community driven resources.

Team Number: 3 Team Name: Cerberus Our app is a community driven resource hub for house less individuals. The back bone of the app is an interactive filterable map that displays various resources. Additional Features: 1) Text and twitter police sweep alerts, 2) Accessibility features, 3) Some way to moderate the posting system, 4) Up/Down Voting system for various locations and services. The target audience is houseless individuals seeking resources. Jared: Banging my head against Angular bugs Shannon: Built backend python rest api, deployed to heroku. Charla: Helped brain storm concepts, research, created icons and logo. Created presentation. Helped with mock ups. Stephanie: Built new location form, incorporated bootstrap, added About page. MIT license. Ebenezar Sheila: helped in creating the HTML frontend for home page.

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