Where did you learn confidence and self-worth? My goal for this hackathon was to bring Glass into the classroom.

In 2006 the movie Akeelah and the Bee inspired young people to achieve. The National Spelling bee annually gets to be the lead story in the Evening News. There are high stakes.

My early experiences were shaped by participation in the regional spelling bee. I represented my school and my class, earning the right to represent by winning in the classroom. Poise and public speaking are two valuable adult skills learned early by any 'serious' Spelling Bee winner. This is the inspiration behind Word Master.

This piece of Glassware has two modes. For the teacher, a long list of words with an explanatory sentence is displayed one at a time. The app will track the number of correct and wrong answers.

For spellers, Glass reads a vocabulary word for you. After you spell it out on a piece of paper - tap the Glass. Now you are read a definition of the word can see the correct spelling of the word for you to check your work.

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