As I was designing I first begun my design I first took the perspective of my client. Most adults of the age 55 yes and older are not that tech survey so whichever skill I decide to build was on the premise that it would be simple and easy to use to allow the user to be more comfortable and have a good user experience. So after a lot of brainstorming I settled on a simple word quiz game.

What it does

The skill is a word quiz game that asks the client riddles and trivia question in the aim of being both a memory and mind game that engages and challenges the user so that they can stay sharp and active. The skill allows for the user to give up and prompts

How we built it

The Word Mania was build using the Alexa developer console. In the console we used the Alexa sdk to map the utterance of the user to its intent and optimize to allow for the user to have a lovely interaction with the skill. The skill was optimized with SSML to make Alexa sound more natural and friendly. The score of the user is tracked as persistent attribute making the user continue from where they left of previously. Response variation was used so that the user can feel the system is more human than mechanical.

Challenges we ran into

Some errors during development but through the use of the slack community. The solution was found. First time making a skill so there was a learning curve but the documentation was very helpful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing my first skill Making the quiz game interactive through following the Alexa voice design guide

What we learned

  1. Alexa Software Development Kit
  2. SSML tags
  3. Alexa design
  4. Voice interaction interface's ## What's next for Word Mania In future iterations the Word Mania skill aims to add more games and optimize the game and also and more riddle and trivia questions for the users.
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