Our inspiration was to make something children can use to retain their memories. Yet it is open for children yearning for a need for new knowledge. We looked everywhere for something that taught K-8 yet all were paid. We knew that we needed to create something that is accessible to everyone. Using tkinter, a refined Python library, we are able to create what most children would love in their lives; a higher vocabulary.

What it does

What our program does is create an environment where children can learn words suitable for their age. If they wish to reach beyond what is required, they can advance beyond what their friends are learning. If they are a first grade student, they can practice both second grade and first grade level vocabulary. Our program gives the definition of a word, which can be found at our website, and requires the word as an answer.

How we built it

We have built using tkinter, a gui library of Python. We used multiple dictionaries which we have compiled many vocabulary words from and that are based off difficulty split into K-8. Kindergarten and first grade vocabulary words are challenging and provoke thoughts into children, helping them retain their memory. Seventh and eighth grade students can complete the prior grade courses in order to help build on their vocabulary or even solidifies it.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into involve attempting to figure out how to get different interface buttons to work on tkinter. Most of the issues we ran into were physical problems, and how much work making a simple frame was. Many of our problems involved scope and our unfamiliarity with Python only made our endeavors much harder.

  • Designing the frames for our website,
  • Making the words not repeat themselves after user gets it correct
  • Opening and closing each of our 2000+ words for html
  • Finding all the words and their definitions was also very tedious

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were eventually able to finish this. This took a lot of effort as we made both a program and a website for our product. And most importantly, the effort it took and the trials we went through, gave even more satisfaction knowing that we were all proud of what we did as a team!

What we learned

We learned that we must be very determined to achieve our goal rather than giving up. Doing more will give even more satisfaction even if the product is not done. If we finish our project, we get more gratisfaction!

What's next for Word Learn

Adding a point system that gives the user points if they match the definition and words correctly (will make it more fun for children to play). We also wish to add more words in order to give children more after they’ve completed our course!

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