I have made a various of presentation with Microsoft Powerpoint. In order to make my presentation more beautiful, I have used many visual elements like graphs, charts and other visualization tools. But sometimes that is very cumbersome job: visiting relevant websites ,capturing images and insert the images to my presentation. So I decided to develop a add-in for powerpoint to do those things in one place, inside my presentation.

What it does

1. It generates a word cloud with just several clicking.

2. The words can be a sentence. Then it analyzes the words you entered and makes a word cloud based on each word's appearing counts.

3. More directly, you can defile the counts. If you enter a list of word:count, then it also makes a word cloud based on the list.

4. Even, you can use Google Trend statistic data. If you enter a list of words, then a word cloud is made by google trend results.

5. You can modify every details until you like the result after making a word cloud: background color, font colors, font and scale of screen.

How I built it

I use Microsoft's add-in technology, jquery and google trend api. To draw 2D images, I also use html5 canvas technology.

Challenges I ran into

Making a more beautiful result and making users to do more easily but widely, this has always been my challenges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually, this is my first add-ins for microsoft office.

I had to begin with studying how to build it at first.

And I am proud of making it. :)

What I learned

My thought and knowledge about data visualization has deepen.

Although, I cannot imply everything I have learned, this is valuable experience and I will make more helpful applications later.

What's next for Word Cloud for PPT

It will provide more functions for users to adjust a word cloud more directly.

Using the functions, user will be able to modify each word's properties: color, location, size and so on.

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