We wanted to help those who wish to improve their writing skills beyond basic syntax, who may not have access to resources who can help.

What it does

It takes a user's writing, and finds different faults with it, such as use of passive voice, first/second person, ending sentences with prepositions, too.

How we built it

A web app takes in the file, which sends it over to Java to parse the document into a readable string. That then goes through the c++ portion to do the heavy grunt work, and

Challenges we ran into

The trickiest part was connecting each of the three sections (Javascript, Java, and C++). The word processing, too, had some challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've got a good detector of what we did implement, and it is modular so that more can be added on efficiently.

What we learned

Better algorithmic use in C++, as well as server side connection details.

What's next for Word Bot 3000

Add a better UI to explain why each suggestion is important. Then, add more features that Word Bot 3000 can capture.

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