In the year of 5015, a massive word boulder is heading to destroy the earth. It is preceded by meteor word showers. The president of the free world has put out a call for individuals to join the WA (Word Avenger) Force. You will need to be trained so you can travel to space to destroy the meteor words. You must destroy all of the meteor words by identifying the words that fit the definition. You have 24 hours accomplish your mission; If you are unsuccessful, the large word boulder will destroy the earth. Describe: 1. The meteor shower will come with words that are descending to earth followed by a massive world boulder. 2. You will have to shoot the right words based on the definition provided to destroy each meteor word. 3. You will have three times to get the word right; each try is 30 seconds. 4. The game is based on three school levels: elementary, middle and high school. Each has easy, medium and hard words, which are difficult based on the complexity of the definition. 5. You also choose the music you want to listen to while playing the game. The app allows you to choose your favorite music directly from your smartphone or tablet. 6. You create a team with friends or other players to compete against other individuals and teams around the world. 7. You will receive rewards for every level completed; but the team and individual with the higher accumulative score for each week will be display publicity and only #1, #2 and #3 will receive badges and special rewards. Examples of rewards are better fire power, spaceship, etc. Word Avenger is downloadable to mobile devices and tablet; it is available on Google play and iTunes for $0.99.

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