We have been inspirated by the difficulties we faced during the challenge and by the UEFA champions league the most prestigious league of football in Europe ..

What it does

This web app is a Store platform who have the purpose to bringing together Spark AR creators share effects , around free filters to improve them and build powerfull projects with them..

How we built it

We have divided the work in four parts .Kevin and I have built free effects for the website and Daniel was building the website while Djami was preparing the place to work and was preparing (pubs) intagram and facebook pages , she was looking also for persons to try our filter for the instagram pages while Omar was creating textures and logo and other things like that for us.

Challenges we ran into

The website has been one of our major problem .We were looking for a place to put it .We have been lucky that Daniel have had a place of 1GB so we decided to put it there for a demo website.In addition the Website have been built in less than one week because it was not our first plan.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All of the team have been able to improve their skills Djami was finding a place every time for us and she increased her social skill to communicate with others, we have learned to forgive each over for mistakes and continue as a team , Daniel have been under a big pressure and learned how to manage that.Mr Sorgho have been every time there to correct and guide us because there were time where we went out from the challenge and He managed to make us stay focus on it.

What we learned

Firstly we think we have learned to know ourselves , our limits , our defaults, for example I know I am always late and must correct it (May be that's why we are submitting today), then we learned new skills and learned to know each other and work as a team to reach a goal.It is difficult to explain it but the experience we all got through this challenge make us feell like If we have got super powers.Then we all learned to make simple effects with Spark AR.

What's next for WoogoFbox

We will find an other place to put the website and then add the functionnalities to permit other creators to publish also.Then we will add the possibility to work as team and may be create real project like the fitting room we wanted to do at the start. After WoogoFbox we may create a WoogoTraining to teach how to use Spark AR .

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