Dogs are known as a man's best friend, but sometimes in the modern world we are too busy to give them the attention they deserve. Especially among millennials in the Silicon Valley tech world, we have found that 43% of people do not walk their dogs for a sufficient amount of time Gallup Poll. To solve this problem, we have decided to create an app that allows owners who don't have enough time to take care of their beloved pets properly by matching them with people who do.

What it does

Presenting users with an easy-to-use, visual-centered UI, Woofr makes it easy for owners to connect with pet lovers who can help them take care of their dogs. Simply click one button if you're interested and another to dismiss potential dog walkers or owners. Our system will match users that have mutually demonstrated interest in each other. Users will then be able to chat with each other and arrange fees and availability within our app.

How we built it

We used Google Cloud Platform to host our server that runs the platform. On the backend, we used MySQL and JQuery for the database. On the frontend, we used JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and APIs including Log In with Google and Snap Kit (specifically Login Kit and Bitmoji Kit).

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many issues with authentication, especially with Snap Kit login and communication of the authentication token to the backend for authorization.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of creating a working backend database to house all the information from our users. We are also proud of creating a working chat platform, although it still needs to be refined.

What we learned

Given that our team is comprised of new programmers, we learned a lot about HTML and CSS, JavaScript, API usage, and most importantly databases using MySQL

What's next for Woofr

Our next goals are to improve chat functionality and make Woofr a more seamless experience for the user. We also hope to add more features relating to each user's profile.

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